National Geographic Store Madrid hails Colombia as among the Top Audiovisual Production Centers
“Colombia, South American Film Capital”
For one month, the National Geographic Store Madrid (Gran Vía 74), Proexport Colombia, with support from the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Tourist Promotion Fund, organized a variety of activities to promote Colombia’s booming film industry. Colombia offers countries like Spain, with a solid film industry for some time now, an opportunity to internationalize its projects, taking advantage of diverse landscapes, top-quality technicians and equipment, reduced production costs, and other benefits.
In the words of Fox-Telecolombia’s executive producer for Spain, Daniel Mesa, in his “Colombia 24 frames per second” seminar presentation, the growth in the country’s film industry over the past few years has positioned it as “the South American film capital.” Mesa also commented on “the diversity of landscapes in a single destination, offering a wealth of film locations impossible in most countries,” pointing to its range from jungles to forests, Caribbean beaches to large cities and small colonial villages, with lakes, natural parks, deserts and mangrove swamps in between.

He also drew attention to the tax benefits and reduced film and television production costs Colombia, often half the cost of an average project developed, for example, in Los Angeles. This has inspired productions from countries including Spain, France and the United States to develop projects in Colombia. The Colombian producer also pointed out that “we’re open to all the film challenges presented to us, convinced we can carry them out successfully, because film production has provided us with our biggest opportunity for changing Colombia’s image, given the industry’s international projection.”

The number of Spanish-Colombian co-productions and Spanish productions filmed in the country in recent years has grown constantly: El corazón del océano for Globomedia, soon to premiere on Antena 3; Con amor y sin amor with participation by Televisión Española and Canal+ España; El sueño de Iván with investment from Colombia’s Dynamo; production services by Colombian companies for Karabudjan for Antena 3; Operación Jaque for TVE, Operación E produced by Tormenta Films (Spain), Zircozine (Spain) and A.J.O.Z. Films (France), to name only a few.